Siklu Microwave Link Opens New Building on time

Seqirus Headache solved by Siklu Microwave Link

The multinational pharmaceutical company contacted Affinity to help meet the timescales to open a prestigious new office in Maidenhead.   The promised install date for the BT connecting ethernet leased line had slipped, giving the project delivery team a big headache.

Seqirus were commited to the original opening timescales. After contacting us we commissioned a detailed site survey within two days. With the willing help of both the Seqirus lead IT Infrastructure engineer and the Facilities Manager the survey was completed.  The proposed link was to bridge a short distance, from the existing Point Builidng to the new building.   An equipment mounting point on protective railings on both roof top plant rooms was suggested and approved.

Some height difference between the two buildings meant further elevation with a short pole to clear the parapet wall and to provide LoS to the new building.    Cable routes were confirmed picking up some roof top tray work that already existed, The building riser cupboard then carried the connecting ethernet copper cable to the Seqirus Communications Room cabinet on the fourth floor.  Cable routes and the location of equipment were sensative and needed planning as The Point is a multi tennanted building.

Pre staging assured a smooth delivery

Once fully surveyed, a Siklu EH1200Fx was selected to provide 1Gbps Full Duplex bandwidth between the two sites. Equipment was ordered and Seqirus then completed our pre staging paperwork.  The Silku  equipment was stage tested and pre configured prior to arrival at site.

As the timescales were short, a very busy period then followed of looking to obtain landlord permission to mount the equipment on both buildings.  Affinity provided a detailed installation plan and report, for Seqirus to submit to the landlord.  The approval then followed on the understanding that landlord appointed engineers were to oversee the installation.

Added network Resilience

The installtion was completed over a two day period, and a fully functional ultra low latency Siklu 1Gbps link allowed the customer to move some 200 staff into the new building on time. Although the ethernet fibre service has now been installed the Siklu link will add resilience.  It will also provide lower latency tham the fibre to the whole network.

About Affinity

Affinity are an Independently owned, technology company founded in 2001 by entrepreneurial director’s. Affinity provides microwave link and wired network infrastructure for clients throughout the UK. Our team of expert people provide the consultancy, design and support services our clients need to make technology work in their business. For more information visit

About Seqirus

In July 2015, bioCSL and the influenza vaccines of Novartis joined forces to create Seqirus, now the second largest influenza vaccine company in the world.

With extensive research and production expertise and manufacturing plants in the US, UK, Germany and Australia, Seqirus is a transcontinental partner in pandemic preparedness and a major contributor to the prevention and control of influenza globally.

Now it’s joined by Seqirus Liverpool in the UK, a Centre of Excellence for egg-based influenza vaccine manufacturing. It is one of the biggest biotechnology sites in Europe and the only injectable influenza vaccine manufacturer in the UK. It also produces the only licensed adjuvanted seasonal influenza vaccine.

The combined influenza vaccine business of Novartis and bioCSL give Seqirus a workforce of over 2,000 employees, significant manufacturing capacity, a commercial presence in twenty countries and product and geographic diversity.

With cutting-edge facilities, technologies and technical expertise, Seqirus will be a reliable supplier of seasonal influenza vaccine with the ability to rapidly respond to pandemic threats.

In Australia Seqirus also continues a long legacy of manufacture of Products of National Significance and markets and distributes a range of vaccines and specialty pharmaceuticals in both Australia and New Zealand.

Seqirus has established a corporate office in Maidenhead, United Kingdom.